One of the leadership approaches that was mostly known among the academia and organisations the Situational Leadership model, proposed in the mid-1970s by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey, both from of Ohio University. The authors developed this approach inspired on William J. Reddin (1976) 3-D leadership model, among other sources.

The situational approach is based on premises such as:

· people can and want to grow in the organization and that there is no unique style of leadership to encourage that growth;

· each situation demands a different kind of leadership;

· the skills and motivations of people in the…

I love to share what I learn about leadership and human skills. I believe the only sustainable path to pave a way to the future in Brazil is by means of education. In particular developing leaders — it’s not about only “how to” skills, but also, about inspiration, values and to serve others, creating something bigger than oneself.

Dante Mantovani coach

My passion is to bring the best of people, specially leaders, on their own journey to reach their full potential.

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